Dr. Elist’s Inventions (Dr Elist Patents & 510(K))

With his dedication to research and improvement of public health, Dr. Elist has invented and patented many medical breakthroughs.

The most notable to date has been his Patented and 510(K) Cleared Elist Subcutaneous Soft Silicone Penile and Testicular Implant used in penile and testicular enhancement procedures.

List of Dr Elist Patents & Inventions:
USPTO, Elist Patents

Patent Number Dr Elist Patents Title Filed Approved  Patent File (PDF) Link
D700,963 S Vertical Drain Retainer 2012 2014 Download USPTO Link | Google Link
20100137721 A1 Transurethral ultrasonic imaging system 2005 2010 Download Google Link
2006118929 A3 Transurethral ultrasonic imaging system 2006 2007 Download Google Link
20070038097 A1 Introducer 2005 2007 Download Google Link
20060247529 A1 Transurethral ultrasonic imaging system 2005 2006 Download Google Link
6,537,204 Structural penile implant 2001 2003 Download USPTO Link
D462,770 Tapered penile implant 2001 2002 Download USPTO Link
6,475,137 Subcutaneous penile implant 2000 2002 Download USPTO Link
5,899,849 Subcutaneous penile implant 1997 1999 Download USPTO Link
5,662,709 Implant for improving the size and shape of a testis 1996 1997 Download USPTO Link
5,669,870 Penile implant for improved appearance 1996 1997 Download USPTO Link
5,445,594 Implant for expanding penile girth and length 1994 1995 Download USPTO Link

510(K) Clearance Letter

  • Dr. Elist’s patented Penile Enlargement Procedure involves the use of silicon blocks which enhances the male organ.
  • The following letter is a copy of the actual 510K-clearance letter issued for the Elist implant:

Dr Elist FDA Approval Letter