Erectile Dysfunction Causes

There are many factors that are responsible for achieving an erection and ejaculation. Physical and mental stimulants, hormones (Learn more about Male & Female Hormones), neural transmissions and feedback, muscle contractions and relaxations, and cardiovascular (Learn more about Cardiovascular Disease) blood flow all work together to create and maintain an erection leading to ejaculation. A disruption in any of these processes can cause erectile dysfunction (ED) (Learn more about ED Causes).

Erectile Dysfunction Categories

The causes of ED are generally divided into two major categories: Those that are psychological in nature and those that are physical (or organic) in nature.

  • Psychological Causes
  • Physical Causes (or organic) 

Erectile Dysfunction Causes in Brief:

Psychological Causes

Psychological causes are based on cultural expectations, mental distractions, personal desires and sometimes mental illness. Psychological causes of ED include:

Physical Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Physical or organic causes of ED generally affect a particular step in the erection sequence. The most common physical causes for ED are:

Risk Factors that Lead to Erectile Dysfunction:

A wide variety of physical and emotional risk factors can contribute to erectile dysfunction.They include the following:

Physical Diseases and Disorders
Surgery or Trauma
Substance Abuse
Stress, Anxiety or Depression
Prolonged Bicycling

When to Seek Medical Advice for ED?

If erectile dysfunction lasts longer than 2 months or is a recurring problem, see your doctor for a physical exam or for a referral to a doctor which specializes in erectile problems. Your own doctor or a specialist can help to determine the underlying cause or causes of erectile dysfunction and guide you towards finding the right type of treatment.

Although you might view erectile dysfunction as a personal or embarrassing problem, it’s important to seek treatment, especially if a physical cause might be developing. In many cases, erectile dysfunction can be successfully treated. Also, see your doctor if the therapy or medication prescribed to treat erectile dysfunction isn’t working for you. Don’t try to combine medications or therapies on your own or deviate from prescribed doses and do not ignore your symptoms as they could be one of Erectile Dysfunction Causes.


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