Penile Trauma

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Penile Trauma

Penile Trauma

The penis can be stretched, twirled, or pulled when flaccid, but if you try stretching or twirling it when erect, you run the risk of injuring it. In fact, most penis injuries are the result of penile trauma. Some men may suffer from trauma to the penis following prostate surgery to minimize prostate growth. The surgery may even result in nerve ending damage. Trauma may even cause rupture of the cylinder lining from fracture.

Trauma to the Penis

Trauma to the Scrotum ImagePenile pumps may cause nerve ending damage, resulting in trauma to the penis and bruising of tissue due to penis rings. Penile trauma is often caused when an erect penis is pushed against a harder object. Excessive bending can also result in fracture of an erect penis. If you over indulge in penis exercises, use penile pumps excessively or plunge deeply into your partner, causing excessive bending of the penis during intercourse and ram into the pubic bone, this can result in trauma.

Powerful thrust causes rupture of the thick membrane around the erectile tissue, resulting in an immediate loss of erection and severe pain from the “fractured” penis. The fracture is like a tear in the tubes in corpus cavernosum, which is responsible for achieving and maintaining an erection.

For some men, the penis may appear ‘bent.’ In cases of severe penile trauma, there may be severe damage to the urethra, affecting the ability to urinate. Most penile injury cases affect one side of the penis, while some others may impact both sides. If left untreated, the problem could result in erectile dysfunction.

Severe injury could block blood supply to the penis, which could further damage the penis and make it non-fucntional.

Symptoms of Penile Trauma

Penile Cancer ImageInjuries to the penis may cause severe pain, swelling, deformation or discoloration of the penis region. Other symptoms include:

  • Bruising
  • Cracking noise
  • Inflammation
  • Immediate loss of erection
  • Bleeding from the urethra

Penile trauma or injury could also result from aggressive masturbation. Prompt surgery is required immediately to prevent abnormal curvature.

Penile Trauma Diagnosis

Penis is the most sensitive and delicate part of a male body.  In order to diagnose injury or trauma to the penis, the doctor would ask you about any traumatic incident you might have faced and look for physical signs of trauma. Diagnosing the extent of penile injury will help determine the most appropriate treatment. A urethral injury may be diagnosed using a catheter through which medical dye is injected to determine any signs of swelling or tears of the urethra. Thorough examination may involve X-ray tests of your urinary bladder and penile region.

Penile Trauma Treatment

Bruising and swelling can be treated with anti-inflammatory medications. Antibiotics may be administered in cases of penile infections. Extensive surgery may be required in cases where there is laceration of the penis. Delay in treatment could cause gangrene of the penis, so timely treatment is imperative.