Epididymitis Treatment Options

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Epididymitis Treatment Options

Epididymitis Treatment Options

If you are experiencing epididymitis symptoms, your doctor will look for inflammation of lymph nodes in the groin, testicular swelling, and penile discharge. Your doctor may ask you to undergo a testicular scan to get an idea about the blood flow in testicles and diagnose epididymitis or testicular torsion.

Epididymitis treatment involves treating the root cause of the infection.

Common treatment options for Epididymitis

  1. Anti-inflammatory medication
  2. Antibiotics
  3. Pain medication
  4. Elevating scrotum
  5. Cold therapy
  6. Abstaining from intercourse

Epididymitis ImageHowever, in severe cases, more invasive treatment may be needed. The doctor may prescribe antibiotics for the treatment of bacterial epididymitis. If you are suffering from bacterial infection due to STI, even your sexual partner may need treatment. Continue to take the antibiotic therapy for the entire course of the treatment as suggested by your doctor to relieve the discomfort and treat infection. Though the tenderness may take several weeks to disappear, properly following the doctor’s prescription will help ease symptoms of discomfort that you have been experiencing.

Surgery may be required as epididymitis treatment if an abscess has formed and the patient continues to experience extreme pain for years. If the epididymis is infected, it may be needed to be removed surgically. The procedure of removal of epididymis is known as epididymectomy.

Lifestyle Changes to Improve Epididymitis Symptoms

Epididymitis involves extreme pain and discomfort. By making a few lifestyle changes, you can relieve your symptoms:

  1. Wear an athletic supporter
  2. Rest in bed
  3. Apply cold packs to the scrotum
  4. Avoid intercourse
  5. Avoid lifting heavy objects
  6. Keep your scrotum elevated
  7. Treatment of sexual partner

Applying ice packs can also help relieve pain and discomfort. Anyone with testicular pain or urethral discharge should avoid any kind of sexual activity until the problem is solved. If you are experiencing scrotal swelling, seek immediate epididymitis treatment to prevent the infection from spreading to others. Medical treatment will help you avoid long-term complications.