Male Dyspareunia

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Male Dyspareunia

Male Dyspareunia

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The term Dyspareunia is used to describe pain that is associated with sexual intercourse. Although usually connected with female sexual dysfunction, there are a small percentage of men which are effected by dyspareunia. However, because it effects a smaller percentage of the population, there is notably less research when compared with female dyspareunia.

Effects on Sex Life and Relationships

Male dyspareunia can be a serious burden which can take a toll on the social life and intimate relationships of men. Not only is it painful, but it can also be an embarrassing and uncomfortable topic to discuss with both their partners as well as their doctor. However, the signs and symptoms of dyspareunia can be an indicator of a more serious condition which should be evaluated. There is almost always an underlying cause and only a detailed history and physical exam from a qualified physician can help pinpoint the cause. Only then can an appropriate treatment commence and the individual can resume a normal, happy and healthy sex life.

Male Dyspareunia Causes

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Many conditions and disorders can contribute to male dyspareunia such as chronic prostatitis or Peyronie’s disease. The location of the pain can also help determine the cause. Pain is usually reported in the testicular area or in the glans penis post-ejaculation. In cases of sensations of itching or burning after ejaculation, infections of the prostate, seminal vesicles, or bladder may be the cause. In instances where there is pain during ejaculation, interstitial cystitis or gonorrheal infections may be to blame.

The causes behind male dyspareunia can be multiple. As mentioned before, only a detailed history and physical exam by your doctor can reveal the cause. If you or someone you know may be experiencing pain during sexual intercourse, otherwise known as dyspareunia, consult your doctor today. Treatment of the underlying cause can turn a painful experience into a pleasurable one.