Morning Erection and Erectile Dysfunction

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Morning Erection and Erectile Dysfunction

Morning Erection and Erectile Dysfunction

Most men experience early morning erections, also known as morning wood. When the body is at rest or experiencing rapid eye movement, its systems are tested, which may include function of the erectile tissue. Erectile tissues often become engorged with blood due to an action of parasympathetic nerves. Often the last REM period occurs just upon awakening, and thus men frequently get up with an erection.

However, some men do not experience a morning erection. While younger adolescent boys may not experience early morning erections, these are a frequent recurrence in puberty and adulthood. Some men do not wake with an erection because they are not coming out of REM sleep. If you do not experience erections in the morning, it may be a sign of erectile dysfunction. In some men, the reason could be impotence.

Erectile Dysfunction & Morning Erection

Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction ImageMen with erectile dysfunction may not have morning erections or they may experience erections that are not strong enough to achieve penetration.

  • Physiological causes of impotence may be a side effect to medications, especially antidepressants. Anyone with a physiological cause will not experience morning wood.
  • A lack of sexual arousal may cause impotence, which may be the result of anxiety. Such men may still have morning erections, as they are physically capable of having them.

A lack of morning wood does not necessarily point toward a problem. Also termed as nocturnal penile tumescence, morning glories are spontaneous erections that most commonly occur while you are at sleep or immediately when you wake up.

Nocturnal Penile Tumescence starts in the womb. While men experience morning wood, women may get vaginal engorgement or clitoral erections while they are asleep. NPT may be triggered by nitric oxide, which is released by cells lining the blood vessels. These vessels may relax or dilate, thus resulting in boosting blood circulation to the penis. More often than not, a cascade of results is the result of an increased activity of pons during REM sleep that causes release of nitric oxide by nerve fibers.

Causes of Morning Erection

Age & ED

Though morning erection and erectile dysfunction are linked, other causes may include:

  • Urine retention during the night, also known as Full Bladder
  • Brain activities during REM sleep
  • Specific neuro-reflexes stimulated during REM sleep

Remember, you don’t need an ED medication to experience a morning erection, which is not an indicator of penile dysfunction.

If you are concerned about any changes in your morning erections, talk to your doctor, as there is a relation between morning erection and erectile dysfunction. Changes in morning erections, including lack or reduction, do not always point toward a serious problem.