Normal Penis Size

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Normal Penis Size

Normal Penis Size

Your size may be more normal than you think. Many patients do not understand that their penis size is actually not as small as they may think. The media tends to imply numbers such as 8 or 9 inches in length as being normal when erect. Scientific evidence would prove otherwise.

Average Size of Penis

blog-penis-enlargmentDoctors of the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University in the 1940’s pioneered studies on human sexuality and sexology to determine what constitutes an “average size.” More recent studies provide modern statistics:

According to researchers Gebhard and Johnson (1979), the average erect penis of males in the US is 5-7 inches and the average circumference is 4-6 inches. More recent data indicates an average erect penis length is between 5 to 6 inches, and average flaccid penis length ranges between 1 and 4 inches. A study of 300 men conducted by Kinsey Institute researcher Dr. Erick Janssen from 1989-1993 returned a mean erect penis circumference of 12.2 cm (approximately 4.8 inches).

These studies prove that what many American men think is a “small” penis, is actually quite average.  The statistics, though informative, do not address the body image and psychological issues that are the true triggers for many men’s state of unhappiness.

Female Sexual Satisfaction

3 piece inflatable penile prosthesis imageIn 2001, 50 healthy, sexually active, undergraduate women between the ages of 18 and 25 were interviewed to study the female perception of penis width vs. length in female sexual satisfaction. An overwhelming number (45 of the 50) reported width of the penis as being more important than length.

Whereas the small clitoris of a woman contains as many nerve endings ( ~ 6000) as the penis of a man, her vaginal walls have relatively few sensitive nerve endings. In fact, it’s generally only the lower third of the vagina that has enough nerve endings to feel any stimulation from a penis or a finger.

This is an important fact every man should know: the vaginal arousal of a woman occurs within the first 2-3 inches of the vagina, not in it’s upper part, e.g. girth and width matters much more to the average woman than the length of a penis!

In conclusion, what you may indeed think is small, may not only be average, but could possibly be above average! However, with that said, there can always be room for improvement. If you have been curious about penile enhancement, feel free to contact Dr. Elist regard his patented penile enhancement procedure today.