Pscychological Cause of Erectile Dysfunction

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Pscychological Cause of Erectile Dysfunction

Psychological Cause of Erectile Dysfunction

Most men seek physical perfection for mating purposes, hoping to attract the opposite sex while feeling healthy and secure. If a man lacks the confidence in his penis that can be a key component in maintaining a healthy sexual relationship, he can develop other severe social disorders, including depression, and an overall feeling of discontent.

ED & Depression

Poor Genital Body Image

Some men develop these negative feelings and suffer from poor genital body image after they are diagnosed with various medical conditions, such as cancer, diabetes, or erectile dysfunction. The news that a man’s penis no longer works the same way it used to work is not only devastating to hear, but it also can take a major toll on the individual’s psyche. The frustration and sadness can drive him to feel unattractive and broken.

Feeling of Inadequacy

Orgasm ImageOther men who have no functional problems with their penis may also be affected by a perception that their penises or testicles are too small. These feelings typically begin during childhood, with young boys comparing the size of their penis to that of their father. This feeling of inadequacy grows stronger over time and, in many men, negatively affects and preoccupies their lives, and impacts the lives of their friends and family. In some cases, this preoccupation can develop into body dysmorphia. Defined as a perceived body defect that does not actually exist, body dysmorphia can progress to severely disrupt and impair an individual’s quality of life.  In cases of body dysmorphia, like with other mental illnesses, it is most likely best to see a therapist or psychiatrist.

If you or someone you know is suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, speak with them regarding how it makes them feel. An open and honest line of communication is key in addressing and concerns they may have. If they are not open to communicating with you, urge them to speak with their doctor and to see about possible treatment options. The psychological causes of erectile dysfunction are both numerous and daunting. However, with dialogue and treatment, most men can lead happy and healthy lives.