Prostate Cancer and Erectile Dysfunction

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Prostate Cancer and Erectile Dysfunction

Prostate Cancer and Erectile Dysfunction

Prostate cancer is a horrible thing to go through, and one of the side effects when going through prostate cancer is erectile dysfunction. Due to surgery, chemotherapy and other treatments, erectile dysfunction is extremely common in men dealing with prostate cancer treatment. Both before and after the treatment, erectile dysfunction can be a problem.

Cancer Treatment and Erectile Dysfunction Overview

Sexuality After Prostate RemovalThe two most common forms of treatment for prostate cancer are removal of the prostate if the cancer has not spread, and chemotherapy if the cancer has spread. Both main treatments impact the ability to get an erection.

With chemotherapy, the drugs used can cause erectile dysfunction, as well as a complete loss of sex drive. In addition, it is common for men to not be able to get an erection until a few weeks after chemotherapy is done. All in all though, recovery from this for erectile dysfunction is quite good, and full functionality of the penis should be restored within a few weeks.

Removal of the prostate has a huge impact on erectile dysfunction. If surgery removes the nerves, it can be possible for erectile dysfunction to exist for the rest of the individual’s life. If the surgery does not remove the nerves, which is more common, erectile function can be restored within a few weeks to a year.

When Does ED Occur

Erectile dysfunction occurs whenever an individual has the prostate removed or operated on. The prostate is hugely important for erections, and any changes or any damage to it, can cause erectile dysfunction for a period of time.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Sexuality After Prostate RemovalThankfully, there are several treatments for erectile dysfunction. One treatment that is the most common is the use of drugs that will restore erectile function for a man. This is often the easiest way to deal with erectile dysfunction. For more extreme cases, there are pumps that can be used and surgeries that can be performed to help improve the ability of the man to get an erection.

More often than not, the seriousness of the prostate cancer, and the impact of the treatment on the prostate, are the two biggest factors when dealing with prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction.