Prostate Removal & Impotency

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Prostate Removal & Impotency

Prostate Removal & Impotency

As men get older, impotency and problems with the prostate are common. Many men even have to have their prostate removed.  However, this does not mean that a man will end up losing all his sexual desire (Low Testosterone Levels | Treatment & Hormone Replacement Therapy), or lose the ability to get an erection (Erectile Dysfunction and Age). A popular remedy is taking Viagra, or another variation of that blue pill, but going natural is a much better idea. When trying to help with impotency, natural remedies are also available that are healthier for your body.

Natural Methods for Dealing With Prostate Removal & Impotency

  • First of all, start walking. In a study on impotency, which was conducted through Harvard University, it was found that walking for 30 minutes per day reduced erectile dysfunction (Erectile Dysfunction | Fatigue) by roughly 41%. Another study found that just a bit of exercise each day can restore sexual performance in obese middle-aged men who were suffering from erectile dysfunction.
  • Prostate Removal & ImpotencyEating right is very important to dealing with impotency as well. In a study conducted by Massachusetts Male Aging, it was found that a diet rich in fish, fruits and vegetables, resulted in less chances of erectile dysfunction.
  • If you are overweight, slimming down is important, because your weight is a big factor in causing impotency. A man with a 42″ waist has a 50% higher chance to suffer from impotency, when compared to a man who has a 32″ waist. Getting to that healthy weight is not only good for your overall health and your heart in particular, but it will help people over 60 perform better in the bedroom.
  • In a British study, it was found that three months of Kegel exercises (Kegel Exercises Wiki Page) (pelvic exercises that strengthen pelvic muscles) practiced twice per day, combined with improving your health through healthy habits, can greatly improve your chances of healthy erections.

With these tips, men can improve their ability to function properly after prostate removal. Be patient, don’t give up and give these natural remedies a try.