What is Venous Leakage? Causes and Diagnosis

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What is Venous Leakage? Causes and Diagnosis

What is Venous Leakage?

Erectile dysfunction is something that many men have to deal with. While not life threatening, it is something that disrupts the lives of the men who deal with it. There are many causes of erectile dysfunction, including stress, but one common cause is venous leaks. This is when the veins of the penis cannot keep blood in them. As a result, a soft erection occurs.

Venous Leakage Causes

Venous leakage is caused by a number of situations, but most often as a result of damage to the penis. This damage can be related to trauma. In addition, there are sexually transmitted diseases that can lead to the problem because they create scar tissue in the penis.

In order for a man to achieve an erection, they must have blood in the erectile tissue of the penis. That then allows the penis to become hard when engorged with blood. If there are any problems with the blood flow to the penis, this can’t occur. The veins, when dealing with venous leakage, are not compressed and they can leak.

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Venous Leakage Diagnosis

The only ways to diagnose this, apart from erectile dysfunction (which has many causes), is by using x-rays or through internal imaging. Doctors can perform a number of tests, including a cavernosometry, which requires the doctor to inject the penis with drugs to create an erection. The amount of saline needed to create the erection, will tell the doctor if there is a leak. A cavernosography is another procedure in which the doctor injects dye into the penis and then looks at the penis with x-rays to see if there is a leak present.

If there is venous leakage, a doctor can treat it through a variety of means including medications, mechanical mechanisms including penis rings and penis pumps, or with surgical procedures.

For many men, knowing it is a medical issue and not a psychological issue, can mean the world in the fight to defeat erectile dysfunction. If you think you may have venous leakage, then contact your doctor immediately to find ways that you can treat the problem.